TT Wallet

Getting Started

To use the ThunderCore blockchain (and most other blockchains) you'll need a wallet address. This address works similar to a credit card number.

TT Wallet

TT Wallet is a secure and easy to use crypto wallet with full DApp browser capability.

Install TT Wallet

Download the TT Wallet on the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions below.

Check out TT Wallet on ThunderCore official site.

Overview about TT Wallet

  1. After opening the App, you can sign in to the wallet via 3 ways.

2. Then you will see the Home tab. You can enter the DApp or website URL in the search bar.

3. Click the Wallet tab, you will see the Wallet page. This page will display the balance of your ThunderCore (TT) or TT20 tokens and all the transactions you make.

4. You can also Send & Receive your TT and buy TT via this page.

5. You can check out announcement, change your wallet language or set up the passcode on the Setting page.

Features of TT Wallet

Send token

  1. To send out token, click the Send button then you will see as below:

2. Select the network and enter the address in the corresponding fields. There are 2 ways of entering the address, by scanning recipient's QR code or paste the address of a recipient.

3. Input the amount and confirm the transaction to proceed if the information is all correct.

4. You have successfully send ETH to a recipient

Receive token

  1. To receive a token, click the Receive button then you will see as below:

2. User can enter a specific amount to receive from another address, or share the address to receive any amount.

3. The recipient will receive the same amount as you entered.

How to share my wallet address?

  1. Click on share address button then you will see as below:

2. Just copy and paste it to your note or wherever you want to.

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