How we help developers

Keeping our developers in mind, we developed tools to actively funnel and drive users to new and well performing DApps on ThunderCore. Through these tools, we have been able to actively funnel a user base of around 70K DAU (daily active users) and 400K MAU (monthly active users) to DApps by using a variety of methods marketing tools to drive exposure including:

1. Interactive Quests: With direct access and exposure of 25K daily active users, we have been able to successfully convert and funnel 10,000 crypto users to visit and interact with DApps. The success metrics of these interactive quests can be found on existing DApp ranking sites like DappRadar.

2. TT Social Promoter : Through the TT Social Promoter in the TT Wallet Quest system, users are directly incentivized to help you promote your socials, for instance retweeting a tweet you posted. Users become affiliates and they will help you spread the word and kickstart the network effects. The news of the grand launch of your DApp will be the talk of the town in no time!

3. Case Studies: With a growing number of DApps, we are actively on the lookout for the latest well-performing DApps to feature in our case studies on our blog!

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