DApp Submission


ThunderCore is a platform full of opportunities, rich with content, users, and tools for developers. You can achieve your dreams here in the ThunderCore community and realize your ambitions by getting your projects listed on TT Wallet!

TT Wallet has more than 70K DAU to help you achieve your dreams of success with your projects, and this is just the first step to make it happen.

Please note that your project must be sound and have available information, and most importantly: it must meet all the necessary conditions listed in this article.

DApp Information

  • Fullfill all the items below:

    • DApp information

      • DApp name

      • DApp description

      • DApp URL

      • DApp category Logo / Icon image (should not be larger than 256 x 256 pixel)

      • Contract address

      • Contact information of submitter (Twitter / Telegram / Email / Discord)

    • Note: The DApp’s contract must be verified on Blockscout

    • For more information about your logo size please refer to here

Decline Listing Policy

  • Miss any DApp information mentioned above

  • Upon verification, if found that the smart contract is malicious, ThunderCore reserves the right to decline/revoke listing.

Listing Method

Your pull request should contain the following:

  • {project}/icon.png

  • {project}/info.json

Here's an example for info.json:

  "slug": "Your Project Slug",
  "name": "Your Project Name",
  "description": "Your project's descriotn",
  "appUrl": "Link to your project",
  "contractAddresses": ["Your Project's contract addresses"],
  "categories": ["Project category"],
  "email": "Your Project's email address",
  "social": {
    "twitter": "Your Project's Twitter Link",
    "telegram": "Your Project's Telegram Link",
    "discord": ""

Your Logo Information

  • naming convention: assets/{chain}/{token_address}/logo.png

  • location: assets

If You Want to Add Token to Mainnet

  • Refer to token listing page

  • assets/thundercore/{token_address}/logo.png

If You Want to Add Token to Testnet

  • src/thundercore-testnet.json

  • assets/thundercore-testnet/{token_address}/logo.png


  • If your project has not been updated for a period of time or is found to be malicious, ThunderCore reserves the right to remove it from the TT Wallet.

  • If your DApp is listed, it does not mean that ThunderCore has a partnership with your project directly.

  • DApp listing requests are not guaranteed to be reviewed or executed.

  • ThunderCore reserves the right to update or amend the listing requirements at our sole discretion.

If you have any questions find us on...

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