Migrate from Ethereum

ThunderCore is a scaling solution for public blockchain. ThunderCore supports all existing Ethereum tooling along with faster and much much much cheaper transactions.

If you are looking to integrate with ThunderCore, you are in the right place.


Our blockchain natively supports EVM-compatible smart contracts. This following describes the steps required to port your existing Ethereum DApp to ThunderCore. If you haven't created a DApp before, checkout Using Hardhat tutorial.

Connecting to our network

To connect to our network, see the RPC endpoints below. You can perform any RPC operation available in Ethereum on these URLs.

If you're using MetaMask, specify one of these URLs as a new, custom RPC.

If you're using Solidity, set the target evmVersion to london.

Yup, that's it

No need to rewrite your smart contracts or change any of your infrastructure code, you should be good to go! If you are facing any problems, please reach out on our Teleram.

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