Promotional Package

TT Wallet features a variety of ways that your DApp can use to boost your DApp’s performance. We offer promotional packages to drive the most exposure and traffic to your DApp by placing your banners in the Wallet tab of TT Wallet. With this, your project is guaranteed to reach new levels of success.

  • Charges - 1000 TT / Week

    • Note:

      • Note that the current charges are promotional at 1000 TT per week. However, the charges are susceptible to be increased to 5000 TT per week after the promo period is over.

      • The exact amount of charges would depend on the amount of weeks that you choose to have the banner listed.

  • Banner Size Requirements:

    • Dimension:All standard dimensions font size:

      • H1 24px

      • H2 16px

      • H3 14px

      • Do not use font sizes less than 14 px

      • Format: Jpeg, jpg, PNG.

      • File Size: 594 W x 216 H

BOGO Quest Promotion Package

Get your DApp in front of TT Wallet’s growing user base of around 70K Daily Active Users and 400K Monthly Active Users. Purchasing the BOGO Quest Promotion Package brings your DApps and projects in front of ThunderCore’s user base.

We have two plans available for you to choose from:

  • Promo Subscription Plan:

    • Charges: 4000 TT / Month (Max 1 Month Application)

    • Gets your DApp in front of ThunderCore's audience base of 70K DAU / 400K MAU

Note that the promo subscription plan is only available once for all DApps only. If you’ve applied for this plan once already, please apply for the General Subscription Plan.

  • General Subscription Plan:

    • Charges: 8000 TT / Month (Max 3 Months Application)

    • Gets your DApp in front of ThunderCore's Audience base of 70K DAU / 400K MAU

Apply for our Promotion Package via our Application Form:

Note: ThunderCore reserves the right to reject your promotional package application if found that your content does not comply with the requirements or is found to be malicious or harmful in any way or form.

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