Developer Program

The $10 million growth fund is strictly aimed at incentivizing and supporting developers to build on ThunderCore. All projects interested in applying for the fund will have to go through an application process; and only qualified projects will get to enjoy all 4 sub-categories of the fund (Accelerator Grant, Promotional Package, Technical Assistance, and Operational Consultation).

If you are a developer interested in applying for the growth fund, please read through this article carefully. This article covers the following information:

  1. How to apply for the growth fund.

  2. Application timeline, process, and requirements to qualify for each phase.

  3. How each subcategory applies to qualified projects and what benefits each project will get if they qualify.

Application timeline

Please note that we are not accepting any new applications at this moment

The Developer Growth Fund is split into 2 Phases, where each project will be rewarded in different grant amounts as they progress through each phase. During each progression period, the ThunderCore Grant Committee (TGC) will evaluate and determine which projects are eligible for the growth fund according to the requirements of the program.

ThunderCore Grant Committee (TGC)

The ThunderCore Grant Committee will be in charge of reviewing all the applications and aims to provide a fair and substantial funding program for any project that wants to succeed in the ThunderCore ecosystem.

Our committee is composed of personnel with a rich industry background within ThunderCore and the Web3 space, including senior executives of engineering, marketing, product, ecosystem growth, and other related departments.

Types of DApps we prioritize

  • DeFi (Aggregator, LSD, DEX, Bridge, etc.)

  • Web3 Games (P2E model, Play for fun, etc.)

  • Social (SocialFi, web3 dating app, web3 social media applications, etc.)

  • Infra (Oracles, Wallets, Exchanges, etc…)

*If you have a project / DApp that falls under other categories, it may still get prioritized upon our evaluation. Please still apply for the growth fund and notify us if this applies to you, we welcome all ambitious teams with aspirations to deploy and scale on ThunderCore.

In addition to our Growth Fund, we are proud to announce our partnership with AWS Startups offering a total of 100K in AWS credits to each eligible participant of the ThunderCore Developer Program! All qualified projects are guaranteed to receive at least $1000 in AWS credits.

Developer Program participant journey

Submit your project to ThunderCore Developer Program

The 2 Phases

Phase 1

Fundamental Stage

  • Must be deployed on the ThunderCore Mainnet

  • Prove that they are the creator/dev of the project

  • Get listed on TT Wallet (learn more about listing on the TT Wallet via this submission link)

  • If you are building a DeFi project such as a DEX, the initial TVL has to be at least 3K USD

Note: Once an application is reviewed and completes the 3 checkpoints above, then 300 USD in grants and 1000 USD worth of AWS credits will be granted to your project.

Grant Checkpoints

  • Go-To-Market proposal or a clear product roadmap

    • Please note that this is a requirement and not an optional item, and only after your project has submitted the proposal or roadmap, each of the following reward schemes will be enabled.

Ranking on info siteGrant

Ranked within the Top 3 on the ThunderCore DApp leaderboard on DappRadar for 30D in terms of volume or active users

2K USD (max)

Ranked within the Top 100 DApps amongst all blockchains based on DAppRadar’s leaderboard in terms of 30D of volume or active users

3K USD (max)

Social channels managementGrant

Discord (must have at least 300 members)

1K USD (max)

Telegram (must have at least 3K members)

1K USD (max)

Twitter (must have at least 5K followers)

1K USD (max)

*Note: The grants for Social channels management will be granted to projects based upon their social stats when the project’s application is submitted. Each applicant can only receive the grants once.

Listed on DEX Grant

SushiSwap (at least 50K in LP tokens) *your project token included

3K USD (max) for liquidity farming token

*Here are a few guidelines on how to get your token listed on TTSwap

Submit to Info site Grant

Submit your token on ThunderCore and get listed on CoinMarketCap and/or CoinGecko

200 USD (max)

List your project on DefiLlama

200 USD (max)

Deploy your gaming/gamefi project via MetaFab

500 USD ~ 100K USD (max) Grant amount depends various metrics such as quality, performance, activeness, etc...

*If your project is already deployed on another blockchain and you are looking to go either multi-chain or migrate to ThunderCore to expand your user base and qualify for the growth fund, please state so in the application form.

Besides the grants given above, each project will receive the following if they pass Phase 1:

What your project will getWhat's this or how's it workProvided by

10K+ active users will be funneled to your DApps

Active users on your DApp.


Up to $20K worth of AWS credits (amount of credits will be given on a case by case)

As shown on description to the left.

AWS Startup

A promotional package worth $10,000

Boosted Twitter impressions on your tweets.

Increase the usage of your DApp


Quest system - a powerful user funneling tool developed by TT Wallet team

Directs active users to your DApp, for an example please refer to the URL left.


Joint marketing events

We introduce projects to each other to help them grow in the ThunderCore ecosystem

ThunderCore and the ecosystem

TT Wallet advertising

This includes banner placements, featured DApp listing and higher prioritizing; giving you better exposure and funnels more users to your DApp


Featured case studies

Boosting the exposure of your DApps on ThunderCore Ecosystem


Here are some case studies on how our promotional package has benefited projects on ThunderCore:

The showcases above in our case study articles all had less than $5,000 in promotional budget. So if your project receives $10,000 in TT for promotion, the effects will be exponentially more impressive.

*If your project is not suitable to list on TT Wallet (e.g. wallets), please contact us via Telegram for further discussion on how you can meet the requirement.

Phase 2


  • Must pass Phase 1’s Fundamental Stage.

  • Your project must be entirely open-source (public repositories, and open-source code, also have active contributors).

  • If your project is a DeFi project, then your TVL or Market Cap must meet the following criteria:

TypeLiquidity / TVL / VolNote


2M USD or 20K daily volume

Liquidity or trading volume

Lending protocol

1.5M USD

Total value locked


500K - 1M USD

Assessed project by project

  • Complete an Audit Report with no major issues in your DApps.

Note: Once you achieve the 3 criteria mentioned above, you can contact us via Telegram and request an audit report sponsorship. After the audit sponsorship, your project must provide the audit report to ThunderCore. (If your project has been audited before participating in ThunderCore’s Developer Growth Fund program, then there will be NO sponsorship or reimbursement provided for the audit report)

Each project will receive if they pass Phase 2:

  • Audit report sponsorship (Auditing firm will be appointed by TGC)

  • Up to 100K USD in TT as seed funding after being assessed by the ThunderCore Team

  • The outstanding projects have a chance to additionally get up to $80K in AWS credits from AWS special sponsor (Note that to be eligible for these credits, you will need to pass the assessment from AWS Startup team).

  • Introduction to the 100 million Web3 fund to connect your projects with world-class VCs and investors.

The 100M Web3 fund

ThunderCore will introduce outstanding projects to the reviewing committee of the 100M Web3 fund. However, we will NOT guarantee that your project will pass the reviewing process from them. Your project may need to prepare further information, and/or any helpful resources as part of the reviewing process.

Invite To Earn

  • Anyone who successfully refers developers and projects within the categories listed below to develop on ThunderCore will receive a referral reward once their referee successfully passes the fundamental stage of Phase 1 of the Developer Program. For each successful referral, you will get 100 USD worth of TT.

1 successful referral = 100 USD worth of TT

  • Please note that only projects within the following 3 categories are qualified to apply for the Invite To Earn rewards:

    • Gaming/GameFi

    • DeFi

    • Social

*There’s NO limit to how many referees a referrer can refer to, the more successful referrals, the more rewards you can earn. Please note that the referral rewards are additional from the referee’s rewards.

ThunderCore is fully committed to supporting developers and their projects to develop, grow, and scale their DApps on ThunderCore. Note that the amount of TT grants that each project receives will be calculated at the time of distribution.

Please note that we are not accepting any new applications at this moment

If you have any questions, please reach out on Telegram. Our moderators will get back to you as soon as they can.

Here’s to a new dawn of ecosystem expansion. We can’t wait to see your ideas be brought to life on ThunderCore!

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