Token Listing

How to add your Token to the TT Wallet


This intro shows you how to list your token on to the TT Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet with a DAU (Daily Average Users) exceeding 70K. Your tokens will have a chance of achieving great success!

ThunderCore strives to create a platform full of opportunities, rich with content and have many users for developers. You can achieve your dreams here in the ThunderCore community!

Please note that your project must be sound and have available information, and most importantly: it must meet all the necessary conditions listed in this article.

Token Information

  • Fulfill all the reviewing items below:

    • Token information

      • Address

      • Symbol

      • Name

      • Decimals

      • Description (optional)

    • Contact information of submitter (Twitter / Telegram / Email)

    • Product / Website URL

    • Logo / Icon image (should be not larger than 256 x 256 pixels)

    • The token contract must be verified on Blockscout

Decline Listing Policy

  • Miss any token information mentioned above

  • Upon verification, if found that the smart contract is malicious, ThunderCore reserves the right to decline/revoke listing.

Listing Fee

  • 1,000 ThunderCore (TT) per listing

  • NOTE: In the case of rejected application, there will be no refund.

Listing Steps

  1. Create a pull request to change the token-list

  2. Initiate a transaction to 0x103550d3e41F5e6986aDfDAbaBF610f750932B54. Its data has a pull request number, and the value must be at least 1000 TT

  3. Update the transaction hash in the pull request


  • If your project has not been updated for a period of time or is found to be malicious, ThunderCore reserves the right to remove the token from the TT Wallet.

  • After your token is listed, it does not mean that ThunderCore has a partnership with your project directly.

  • Token listing requests are not guaranteed to be reviewed or executed.

How to list your token on SushiSwap

Apart from listing your token on TT Wallet and TTSwap, you may also list your token on SushiSwap. To do so:

  1. Then select "ThunderCore" as the network and submit your token's contract address, token icon and then submit the application and wait for you token listing to be approved.

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