ThunderCore Testnet

The ThunderCore testnet is an alternative to ThunderCore mainnet, which is used for testing and experimenting with smart contracts for developers. Testnet tokens are separated from the mainnet, and they should never have any value.

What is the testnet good for?

  • Create your test address and get your testnet funds.

  • Develop applications and try tutorials on ThunderCore Chain without the potential to lose your own assets.

  • Test your applications against new versions of ThunderCore Chain.

  • Analyze blockchain data on a smaller, non-trivial data set compared to the public network.

The following contains details for the RPC - HTTP, and WS. There is also a full node setup if you wish to setup your own full node.

Network nameThunderCore Testnet

Gas token

TST token




ThunderCore Testnet:




How to get Testnet Fund

Steps to claim testnet TST:

  1. Create a new Wallet of ThunderCore Chain testnet with MetaMask or MathWallet

Getting start

You can start the HTTP JSON-RPC with the --rpc flag

geth attach

JSON-RPC methods

Please refer to this wiki page or use Postman

Rate limit

The rate limit of ThunderCore endpoint Mainnet is 10K/hr.

Block range limit

You can make eth_getLogs requests with up to a 172800 block range. If you need to pull logs frequently, we recommend using WebSockets to push new logs to you when they are available.

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