If your dapps are already listed in the TT Wallet, Deeplinking can open dapp browser with specific url .

Getting Started

First, submit your dapp, please refer to DApp Submission.

TT Wallet's DeepLink consists of a fixed prefix and base64 encodeing of path, you just need to specify the pathname accordingly:

// prefix:
// original path:
// after encoded: aHR0cHM6Ly9taW5pbmcudGh1bmRlcmNvcmUuY29tLw==
deep link:

In the case of a Web application, placing this link in the herf of a will trigger the jump correctly.

<a href="">Go to TT Wallet</a>

Click here to create deeplinks for your application.

Or you can get your deep link through opening your dapps in the TT Wallet and click share button at the bottom

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