Developer Build - TT Wallet (Android)


In order to facilitate the development process of DApps interested in listing on the TT Wallet, we’ve created a TT Wallet Developer Build that allows developers to test their DApps on the TT Wallet which connects to ThunderCore Testnet with a mobile device while debugging any errors and problems faced. With the ThunderCore Developer Build on Android you will be able to ensure that they debug your DApp and ensure that it is fully functional on the TT Wallet.


To get started, please follow the following steps:

  1. First install the TT Wallet’s Developer Build and run it.

2. Then enable the Developer Options and USB debugging on your Android device. Learn how to configure developer options via this link.

3. Once you have enabled Developer Options, connect your Android Device to a PC/laptop using a cable. Note:

  • Enusre that you have USB debugging enabled under Developer Options.

  • Please skip this step if you’re using an Android emulator.

4. Open chrome://inspect in your Chrome browser on your PC/Laptop

5. Launch the TT Wallet Developer Build on your mobile device and visit the “Home” tab’s browser function and access your DApp.

6. Select “inspect” of the Android device in your PC/Laptop in Chrome and then you will be able to test out your DApp on the TT Wallet.


Remote debugging on Android devices

Remote debugging - WebView

Configuring Developer Options

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